Introducing the Super Soil Sifter from Walkin' Eagle. It's great for sifting rocky soil, breaking up clumpy bagged soil or composted material, or cleaning your pet mountain lion's litter box. At 18" x 25 1/2" made of quality pine and 1/4" sized galvanized steel screen with reinforced bottom, this sturdy sifter was the result of necessity. I have very gravelly soil at my house, and couldn't find a sifter at the home center, so I designed my own made to sit athwart the wheelbarrow as shown. Just work the soil through and dump out the junk for a nice, uniform planting medium. It's terrific! I made the original at 36"x 24", which worked fine for me, but might be a little clumsy for some so I created the smaller version shown. I have used the actual one shown and it's great. Hand built in our little shop in Illinois, the Super Soil Sifter is something every gardner needs. You'll love it!

Super Soil Sifter

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